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Cultural A.D.D. September 28, 2008

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I think we all have A.D.D.  It’s cultural at this point.  You can’t go to the furniture store to just buy furniture.  You need an “experience”. This is what I had to walk past (IN THE STORE) to get to my sofa, a movie theater, a water fireworks show, trapeze lessons, a burger joint, an ice cream stand, a jelly bean store surrounded by GIGANTIC jelly bean mosaics.  Think jelly bean monsters, construction vehicles, and a Willy Wonky Wonka bridge with jelly bean ducks crossing under it.  Oh and did I mention the sports stations so you can always check in on the Red Sox?!

Here is some random Youtubers documentation:

Here are the water fire works, again not mine:

My youngest and I went with his little buddy and my friend Lauren.  It was both sweet and maybe a signal to chill on the blogging when she turned to me and excitedly asked if I was ready to take some crazy shots for the blog.  I have been known to drop the phrase, “if I didn’t blog about it, then it didn’t happen!”.  But I didn’t bring it, not for any Zen awakening but rather because I was grumpy and didn’t feel like dealing with it.

Grumpy because my last sofa debacle turned into my current sofa debacle. Recap, in an effort to get a “transitional” sofa before we move (HOPEFULLY) and get my dream leathah sectional, I got a sofa off Craigslist.  It turns out that it IS down, not good for the allergies, and the foam from the bottom of the sofa is brittle and we have piles of what can only be toxic dust around the sofa.  And then just for an added slap in the face, it’s the least comfortable sofa I have ever had the displeasure of sitting my ass upon.  So I went to get transitional sofa #2.  Cheap but new this time.

Maybe I am old or maybe I am just oldish & old-fashioned but I just kind of wanted to look at the sofas.  I will admit that I could see how it would be easy to get swept up in the “fun” but my youngest was terrified of the monster, the water show, and the trapeze that he called, “ahhhhhhhhhh – BOOM” with accompanying signs making it clear, to my relief, he has no plans to try it anytime soon.  It was all very loud.  Sensory overload for sure.  Which I kind of get just trying to pick furniture in the first place.

My friend had her eye on the starfish upholstered chair in the country section, just kidding.  But she did have a good idea for a better way to spend your time at Jordan’s – predicting which person would go for which sofa.  People watching at it’s best.  It would be easier to do without the kids though.  A firetruck push cart for two can trick them into forgetting they are in a furniture store for only so long.

So she was right.  I should have brought the camera.  If I think about this too long I will tie this all together and end up with how blogging is the ultimate example of cultural A.D.D.!  We can’t just do one thing, live in the moment and all that.  But instead I’ll end with this story.

My son’s woodshop teacher told me that the kids were each building a model of a room and my son chose to build a yard.  He told her that even though it was an outside room he wanted to make a leather sectional to add because it’s what I really wanted.  I laughed out loud.  Whenever he whines about wanting another of something or things not being fair I always say, “Yeah, well, I want a leather sectional so we’re both out of luck.”


And on a TOTALLY unrelated note, I just wanted to thank you for the hugs.  Virtual and otherwise that you all gave me after my last post.  I really appreciate the supportive comments.  The sofa hunt is a result of my post-appointment freak out.   Anyone really LOVE their vacuum cleaner?  Looking for a tip on what kind to buy!

And just in case anyone is losing sleep over it, I go for what I hope will be my last appointment with the podiatrist tomorrow.  Cross your fingers (and your toes if you are that freakish talented)!


7 Responses to “Cultural A.D.D.”

  1. lexi Says:

    This post was the perfect antidote to my otherwise crummy, blue day. I did sit and think what leathah was for a long time.. and then it clicked (phew – the cogs are turning s-l-o-w-l-y).

    And yes, I have a ridiculous crush on my vaccuum cleaner. I never knew you could love inanimate objects the way I love mine.. Hmmm.

  2. Anne Says:

    Remember the good old days when you would just go and buy a vacuum? Ha! Now it requires extensive research. We bought a Sears vacuum with a Hepa filter and I like it. A friend (her kids have asthma) bought the Dyson and does not like it.

    I was also interested in the Halo – it has ultraviolet light that kills dust mites. I’m not sure if it works or is worth the $$$.

    I read an article that said as long as the vacuum has a Hepa Filter, the best way to rid your home of pollen and dust is to vacuum regularly.

    This is how pathetic my life has become – I am a near expert on vacuum cleaners.

  3. teddy Says:

    You talk about ice cream and the water show at the furniture store like it’s a BAD thing… Come ‘on. That’s exactly the place I took the kids when we had our first Mommy’s-off-camping weekend. And nothing on the section of massage chairs?

  4. Complete Stranger Says:

    LOVE my Dyson…just wish I had waited until the most recent one that swivels around furniture! Light weight, and awesome cleaning with two dogs. Just learned that it has two different buttons for hard floors and carpet…oops!

  5. umm, there were massage chairs? In that case I take it all back and am headed over now for a little sit down!

  6. lauren Says:

    I have to add that the best part of the “experience” (the burger joint) had NO FRIES! and the teenager they had screaming into the intercom had a voice that could (and did) RUIN the appitite of our 2 year olds so bad that they both denied HOT DOGS AND ONION RINGS! how?

  7. Kindred Spirit Says:

    I must get out more often. I haven’t seen that much activity in a place since I went to Universal in Florida! Of course you have to realize that where I live Walmart is as exciting as it gets! Good luck on the furniture hunt! I am getting ready to do battle with my latest furniture purchase. I have an end table that has a blister on it and they ARE going to come and make it right!

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