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The Macabre Wedding Dolls September 21, 2008

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Perfect for Halloween or just plain scaring your engaged friends!  Just wanted to let you know what I’ve been up to this weekend.  Stocking the shop.  These are my favorite from this weekends postings.  I scored the little Kewpies  at Brimfield and they were so creepy I had to love them.

The listing reads,

‘Til death do us part…

Up for your consideration is this vintage couple ready to tie the knot although I think they are too young to tie one on.

They stand soberly at 4 inches tall and are dressed in the finest and most delicate crepe paper gown and tux. Their bodies are made of plastic but their hearts are made of love.

They are in good vintage condition, especially considering how fragile crepe paper is. Her gown has some spotting on the bottom near the hem. The photos show this accurately.

These two are perfect for use as a cake topper, an assemblage piece on the perils of young marriage or for your freaky baby wedding doll collection!

I won’t make a habit of advertising here but it’s Sunday and this is all I got people.  🙂

You can find them here if you are so moved!


7 Responses to “The Macabre Wedding Dolls”

  1. melissa s. Says:

    omg, they are terrifying. the possiblity of leasing them to a horror film production agency – another PLUS selling feature!!

  2. Complete Stranger Says:

    The Lily on the wedding dress is worth the price!! Great find!

  3. Paige Says:

    Oohhh, I love them! They’re disarmingly cute…but I feel I must go stroke my fluffy kitty so as to not have nightmares tonight….!

  4. lexi Says:

    Wow, they are definitely freakish!! Those vacant eyes..

  5. Tonya Says:

    Sweet Jesus, those are terrifying! If I get my act together and start working on making this haunted doll house for halloween, these would be the perfect homeowners. Aww, sweet, their first home as a married couple.

  6. Anne Says:

    You should have kept them for your haunted doll house- are you still making one?

  7. Complete Stranger Says:

    If I were making a groom’s cake, those darlings would be perfect for the top of the cake….all scary…like marriage!

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