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Blog Salad, Yummy Yummy September 11, 2008

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I just counted, out of curiosity, and I have 12 bags in my living room.  Strewn about there are 12 bags full of random things we haven’t put away from various outings or have shoved junk into them in an effort to “clean”.  It’s crisis point.


I went to an estate sale last weekend and one of the women working there wouldn’t sell me a huge stack of ephemera I collected from a monster sifting session in the hot dusty garage.  She said, “It was too personal!”.  So the underwear in the drawers and the sliver of soap in the bathroom are okay but me trying to ‘rescue’ these photos and keepsakes is “too personal”?  Good to know.  Better to know before the other estate sale lady pointed me to the trunk in the garage in the first place.


Why does my fishtank stink?  What’s the easiest way to clean a 30 gallon tank?  Want some free fish?


I have a toe infection (I dare you to google image “ingrown toenail”) and it’s making me grumpy.  Appointment at noon.  Update sure to follow.


I am still obsessing over this blunder:  During morning at drop off at my son’s school I said to two snazzily dressed moms, “Wow!  You both look so fancy.  Off to somewhere special?”  They looked at each other and replied s………….l………….o………….w………….l………….y, “Just work.”  Ouch.  Total stay at home mom moment.


Did I mention my toe really hurts?  Like in a cartoonish throbbing way.


Winnah = Ari’s Art

And in non-toe related news, Adriana at Ari’s Art won the PIF, check her out at her blog that is full of her cool artwork!  Thank you all for entering for your chance to win!  But really, we’re ALL winners here. Please contact me with your mailing address Ari and I will get this off to you!


This concludes my blog salad.  It’s a lighter and less filling menu option.

Next time I’ll try and throw in some croutons or maybe Baco-Bits if you’re good.


I now have a podiatrist.  I will add that to the list of things I never imagined would come out of my mouth when I was a teenager.  The good news is that I have a little doctor crush on him!  He’s a COLLECTOR!  The office is in the first floor of his house and immediately upon walking up the steps and into the lobby (no ramp which I thought was odd in his line of work) you are greeted by tons of STUFF.  My kind of guy.  He collects cameras, vintage sock forms, ink wells, painted postcards and tons of other stuff I didn’t get to peek at I’m sure.  After being shown to my room, I pawed around my bag and pulled out my business card! I know, crazy right?  I have a business card.  I have a kick butt business card.  I will post it tomorrow for you but today was the first time I handed it to a non-friend.  It felt good, super good.  There was only the tiniest bit of the impostor feeling, really really tiny.  Mostly I felt proud.  Okay, back to the real reason you are here – my TOES.  He asked me how well I handled pain, upon retrospect I think it’s a very good doctor trick to phrase it that way.  I immediately wanted to be the best pain taking patient EVAH.  ***Warning***:  not that graphic but don’t read if you have a toenail thing.  I have a teeth thing and would want a warning if you were going to write about your teeth.   So I forwent the Novocaine shot and he proceeded to lift and then clip off half my big toenail.  Not to disclose too much about myself but it wasn’t altogether unpleasant.


This is a never ending toe post but I had to write about the loving care I got last night from my Kindergartner.  He is the medic of the family.  He excitedly gathered the appropriate tools for the job and ordered me to recline on the sofa.  He wrapped my foot in an ace bandage, propped my foot up on pillows and then covered my leg in washcloths and bean bags.  He got a wet cloth for my forehead and gently applied some pressure to my head to help me feel better.  Not only was it cute as all get out, it was actually therapeutic.

Notice the label he wrote for my bandage, “TO NJRE” = Toe Injury.

And I appreciate all the SAHM support, I just wanted to clarify that I was obsessing because I felt like I made the blunder.  I was the one who had my SAHM blinders on and wasn’t seeing past my own circumstances.  I felt like I was being insensitive to moms who may or may not be wanting to head off to work.

Okay, I now declare this post officially ended.  I am off to take photos of some of my recent super trash grabs!  Bum toe or no, I’m all about trash day scores!


12 Responses to “Blog Salad, Yummy Yummy”

  1. Amy Short Says:

    Oh my God I think that I just peed my pants from laughing at your blog entry. Thanks for the laugh!! I too had an ingrown toenail a few years ago…NOT fun!

    As for your stay-at-home mom moment, I have had too many of those to mention. I haaaate being the only one in the room in a dirty t-shirt that was clean when I put it on only moment before, until my 2 year old go to me. I feel your pain. :o)

    Glad I found your blog, I will be sure to visit often.
    Amy (a stay-at-home–educated mom who used to work hard outside of the house and now works harder inside–mother of 3 boys)

  2. Lisa Says:

    Your poor toe – hope it settles down soon – no fun at all!

    I am sure the working Mum’s were envious of you!

    Lisa (part time working Mum who is forever trying to balance work and home committments)

    • Sunny Says:

      Hi Chris, it was sort of a mix. UNC Press contacted me, described the book, and asked if I had any images that might work on the cover. I had some to submit but did not feel any of them captured the scope of the book so I shot this scene with this book in mind. Then I submitted all the images and it just so happens UNC Press chose this image. By the way, I just took a look at your web site and you have some great HDR images. I paulicrlarty liked the new waterspout and the new coquina rock sunrise.

  3. melissa s. Says:

    more bacon, less toe in my salad next time please! (hope it feels better!)

  4. lauren Says:

    despite your embarassment (and maybe a little bit because of it) i LOVE your moment at school… i have the image perfectly.

    fish tank fix: you need to use a tubie vaccuum and do a 50% water change. Then tell your guppies to stop reproducing.

  5. lexi Says:

    Hey – I HATE people that think being a SAHM is not work. I don’t get a lunchbreak. I don’t get to go to the bathroom solo. I don’t even get commuting time. It’s just wake up and I am at work.
    In the words of Catherine Tate – how very dare they.

    I think you’d like her. I’ll look up a link and send you.

    Hope your toe heals quick, yowsers, I have a toe thing, but had to read it anyway – OUCH!

    And paper ephemera – HELLO??? My MIL throws old photos away – it really, really annoys me. How do people live with themselves? Gosh, hope you bought that sliver of soap. Sounds delish!

  6. Kindred Spirit Says:

    Love your stories! Too funny. Hope the big toe is feeling better. Watch out though, hurting toes are magnets calling to be stepped on!

  7. irenedesign Says:

    Thanks for the laughs! I love the “TOE NJRE” label!

  8. molly Says:

    i don’t think i would even attempt to count the number of bags in my house. scary – i’m a bag lady with a home.

    so super funny about the working mommies.

    hope your toe feels better.

  9. marjorie Says:

    I love the story of your son taking care of you and your toe. They really do get concerned when we mommies get hurt.

    Hope it feels better soon!

  10. Anne Says:

    I’ve had that “surgery” before, not so pleasant.
    The comment to the moms – I say something stupid in the halls constantly…maybe that is why we have no play dates.

    Hope your toe feels better soon, it sounds like you are in good hands!

  11. Expat Mom Says:

    Just discovered your blog (through a circuitous route of clicking on links from assorted other blogs) and it`s great! I`ve got two little boys, too and we are all quite crafty when their father isn`t complaining about the mess.

    The care your little guy took to make you feel better is SOOOOOOOO cute!! I love it!

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