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Snippets of Brimfield September 9, 2008

Sometimes something is so great it’s just hard to write about.  I’m having greatness block.  It also doesn’t help that my (few) photos from the trip are crappy.  But it was so much fun that it didn’t even occur to me to take a photo until we sat down for lemonade and a yucky gyro.

Well not that you were were so excited for my photos, what with that kind of send up, but turns out they’re not in my iphotos.  I did want to share a photo of my friend Lauren modeling some colonial bling I picked up for my favorite little Red Coat but nada. I will keep searching and add them if they turn up.


Kate, Lauren and I piled into my car and we set out early but not before we bageled up.  We got on the highway and Kate, who I was told by Lauren knew how to get there, turned and asked, “Anyone know how to get there?”.  Turns out Kate pulled through and got us there (she was a little less successful at estimating the miles until the next bathroom on the way home but some stories aren’t for sharing).  We got there and encountered no lines into town, got a choice parking spot (there is ABSOLUTELY NO parking on the street, remember this as it’s important later), and got a jump on the shopping.  As much as someone can get a jump when they go on the LAST day of the sale.  We were supposed to go Saturday but we postponed due to F.O.R. (fear of rain).  I will admit that I cried a little and took a nap on Saturday due to disappointment but rallied on Sunday.

Kate and Lauren both have great taste which was to my advantage as they helped me find scores for the shop but was heartbreaking when they purchased items I coveted for myself.  I will try and get a photo of the artwork Kate bought.  Painfully wonderful.  I can’t complain though because I cleaned up.  Mostly I got things for the shop but I did get a metal top kitchen table.  It has blue legs and a seriously cool faux bois top.  It remains to be seen if we can figure out a way to get it through our back door though but let’s stick to the positives.

This is the artwork that Kate grabbed from the same stall I purchased the table from.  Just look at the burlap, the circles, the teal and the red!  Oh be still my jealous heart.

The favorite shop of the day was this, dare I risk sounding like an old lady, cute couple from North Carolina.  We were all a little jealous of our perception of their lifestyle, freewheelin’ secondhand stuff across the country and looking good while doing it.  They had some really cool stuff.  Lauren bought a playing card sorter, cigarette holder, soap dish mystery tray and cover with funky mod birds that she cradled for the rest of the day.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of my purchases.

This is a Popsie Doll.  You pull the little guy’s body down and a sign reading, “Happy Birthday Gorgeous” pops out of his head.

Lauren picked out this beauty and it sold almost as soon as I listed it.  Wine’s on me.

And speaking of wine, this is a bar set with corks, a wine opener and a bottle opener.  I am developing a thing for little wooden men.  Don’t worry about it.

I am a sucker for original packaging.  I’m planning on selling this Scrappy 16mm film on Etsy but I am worried it will be chopped up for “assemblage” art.  Which I enjoy but only if it uses stuff that’s already busted. Is that obnoxious to say something to that effect when posting in my shop?  I feel that way about old books too.  Breaks my heart to think of them cut up.

This metal shoe has a screw hole in the top like maybe it was part of a mannequin. Anyone seen anything like this before?  Any information welcome.

Again with the faux bois, this is a mechanical bingo caller. You pull a lever and it generates a square.

I got tons more stuff that I’m excited to share with you but I haven’t taken photos yet.

The final story of the day, which involves the parking I asked you to remember, takes place when we were leaving.  We pulled over (and parked) on the main road to load up the kitchen table.  We had a plan, I’d get the table, Kate would run and get her uncut Monopoly money she was sorry she passed up, and Lauren would get us some of Grandpa’s potato skins and Grandma’s apple brown betty.  I packed up the car and Lauren came back with the yums and we DEVOURED the skins while waiting, still by the side of the road, for Kate to come back.  I had the plate in my hand and a skin in my mouth when I heard a loud rap at the window.  I looked up to see an annoyed bike cop.  I got the window down, while still holding onto the the plate, and explained that we were just loading up.  And with perfect timing after he left Lauren said, “ON POTATO SKINS!”  I will admit that we were hungry, tired and a little punchy but never have I had better fake cheese nor giggled so hard in the face of the LAW.  We moved on down the road a bit to catch up with Kate, who may have made a stop at the fried dough stand – who would request such a thing?  We got another aggrivated cop at the window, it wasn’t as funny with the brown betty.

So that was our Brimfield trip.  Good friends, good finds, good fun, good food, and an all around good time.  We’re going to do it again in May.

Skins and scores for all my friends!


6 Responses to “Snippets of Brimfield”

  1. lauren Says:

    I have thought of the skins many times, especially as I dream of ways to repurpose my cool and mysterious birdy box, (signed by the very “Italian” Mary Ryan, anyone know her?)…

  2. lexi Says:

    Sounds seriously fun – and my goodness – check out your scores. Who the heck scooped the little deer – I have to track them down, pronto! Glad you had such a great time. That’s what I like to hear.

  3. Anne Says:

    Sounds like so much fun…I can’t wait to see the rest of you photos!

  4. melissa s. Says:

    sounds fun, can i come next time? oh and i forwarded the little wooden bar men etsy listing to my BFF with an entirely inappropriate comment. gotta love those little wooden bar men.

  5. Paige Says:

    Wow – sounds like so much fun. (With lots of laughs, even better!) I’m gonna save my money for a plane ticket so I can fly out in May and join you all on your next trip to Brimfield. (You don’t mind if I invite myself, right? teehee.)

  6. marjorie Says:

    sounds like great fun! cool stuff, too 🙂
    Time with girlfriends is always sure to bring a laugh.

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