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A Trip with the Girls September 5, 2008

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I am off to Brimfield and hopefully I will have lots of treasures to brag about share with you when I get back!  Enjoy your weekend and send me some Flea Market Fairy Dust for good luck!

From the Brimfield Antique Show homepage:

What IS the Show, Anyway?

The Brimfield Antiques Show began in the 1950’s and has become the largest and best-known outdoor antiques show in the country.  Brimfield is a quaint, picturesque rural New England town, home to 3,000 residents.   Founded in 1731, (the year before George Washington was born), the town’s 35 square miles are surrounded by apple orchards and wooded hills in an area known as the foothills of the Berkshires.

During show-times, the town’s population balloons to over 250,000 visitors and over 5,000 dealers for the 6 days the Show operates.   The Show has a carnival-like atmosphere, appropriate for all ages, where good vibes prevail, (and few, if any problems ever present themselves).

Dealers come from all over the world as do visitors. From millionaire world-famous rock stars, to the local resident down the street, the Show is a Mecca for serious and casual collectors of all kinds of antiques.

I’ll let you know if we see any world-famous (or otherwise) rock stars.

And I’ll leave you with a story cause I know you’ll miss me.  Today on the way home from my big guy’s first day of K, I saw a sign for an estate sale and promptly banged a uey.  From the back, my son piped up with, “Someone is forgetting that they are going to Brimfield tomorrow!”  Just turned 6.  Sometimes I am just so damn proud of that kid’s smart mouth, even when the zing is aimed at me!


4 Responses to “A Trip with the Girls”

  1. Alexis Says:

    I am filled with happiness for you and a good bit of envy as well. I dream about going to Brimfield. Someday, I will get there…

    I can’t wait to see what you find!

  2. melissa s. Says:

    I. Am. JEALOUS. Good luck & have fun!

  3. Paige Says:

    Oh yes. Jealousy abounds over here!! Can’t wait to see what you come home with – and I love your son’s comment from the backseat. Sounds like something mine might say!

  4. pickledippy Says:

    so was it fun? did you eat anything really amazing, um like, grampa’s skins? cause i heard that they have those there….

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