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I interrupt this blog with an important question.  I am feeling very short bus today.  Maybe you can help me.

Is your name Mitzi?  Did you send me an envelop with 2 floral print notebooks?  Did I win a blog give away and forget?  Did an etsy or ebay order get mixed up?  Are we related?  College roommates?  Do you think I’m pretty?

Drop me a line if you can help me solve this mystery.

Now back to the regularly scheduled nonsense.

EDIT: They kicked me off the bus!  Thanks to Glamoure Damaged and her amazing Google skills the mystery is solved.  I won a contest.  A mannequin naming contest (Lashes LaRue) and won something from this VERY COOL ETSY SHOP: VIntage Goodness

Like a dolt, I forgot and when I got the package in the mail I was flummoxed.  So leave a comment and I am going to PIF (pay it forward for those who don’t already know – I just learned it today on ETSY).  I will pick a random number and send these vintage floral notebooks with a little something extra on to you!



  1. Taylor Says:

    hahaha Dork! Glad you got it figured out.

  2. terbear Says:

    so glad you figured it out!!! post a pic of the notebooks!

  3. Yay! Im glad I could help! Im the google queen. I can find anything 😀

  4. Tanya Says:

    WooHoo!!! So glad you got it figured out! If it had been me, it would have been a long, sleepness night!

    Don’t worry ~ it happens to the best of us!

  5. Covetables Says:

    I love a mystery!

  6. Cathy Says:

    I’m glad you figured out the mystery. lol! And now you now a whole bunch of new www terms 🙂

  7. Mitzi Says:

    lol, too funny! I was a little slow getting them in the mail to you, so it was partly my fault, really! I love the pay it forward idea, good karma is a good thing!

    ps – don’t include me in the contest, if I won them I think that would erase the karma and we would be back at square one! 😉

  8. melissa s. Says:

    ooh. now i’m getting all excited that maybe i participated in a forgotten contest and won something cool too. that would SO make my virtual day!!

  9. lexi Says:

    You are hilarious. It’s official.

  10. Anne Says:

    I thought I was the only one who does this. Sometimes a box is sitting on the porch and I have no idea why.

  11. Adriana Says:

    I really wanted to know what happened! I came late to see that you won a contest. Congrats.

  12. Marjorie Says:

    I admit, I’m leaving a comment to get into your pay it forward 🙂
    Oh, and you are a funny girl. I love someone who can make me smile or just flat out laugh.

  13. Kindred Spirit Says:

    I thought only I did things like that! I’m old…what’s your excuse?

  14. Scott Says:

    If my wife hadn’t mentioned that short bus thing…I wouldn’t have gotten it, but I think she refers me to that route of transportation. often..

    did anyone answer your question are you pretty?
    Cause I will say you are gorgeous!! Will that get me a better chance of winning?
    Do I even want to win it? sounds kinda girly for a site that hosts “boys” in it’s title 🙂
    But you know, you saw Marie Osmond in person, so that makes everything better! 🙂

  15. cindy Says:

    phew! i think that would prob be something fun to do .. send out random packages of fun stuff to random addresses.. we would have everybody confused! As long as there is no “white” powder in them.. then we’d all be in BIG trouble. SO scary these days.

    nice job at winning the prize! ;o)

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