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A Smattering of School Shots August 27, 2008

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I am the kind of person who will go to your house and joyfully look through every single photo in your photo albums. So maybe I don’t have any perspective on this kind of thing, but I am going to plaster my little school self of yore here in a minute. Notification sent.

I found these in an envelope today while cleaning out the garage. It appears that even though I am trying not to think of school starting up again for my oldest and for my husband, I can’t escape it. I could not escape it then either. Look at my expression in this pre-school shot, not exactly overflowing with excitement.

I was going to offer a prize to the first person who picked me out of the class photo but then I remembered that I haven’t sent the prize still from the whole WonkaTonkaMoose thing so I better not. I WILL think you are super cool though and that’s kinda like a prize, right? I don’t remember much from this year (or any of them, really) but I do recall thinking the boy third row up, far right was cute. Also from this year, that I don’t remember but my father likes to tell the story, is how I almost got suspended but it was the last day of school so they just sent me home early. My friend and I were practicing hurdles around the track at recess and two boys were teasing us and throwing rocks so I told my friend to chase one guy and I’d get the other. I tackled my guy and shoved his face into the gravel, giving him a bloody nose. My dad is very proud of this story.

This is me, so proud with my new lunch box, on the first day of pre-school in Thailand. It is not surprising so many people collect these metal lunchboxes. When we were young they evoked such a sense of freedom, marching off with lunchbox in hand to spend the day with ‘others’ and yet in that very lunch box were goodies packed by our moms and/or dads to let us know they were still taking care of us even while we were away at school. I should start buying up Bentos now to tuck away and then sell them as vintage on Etsy in twenty years !

I wish I had all three of these dresses today. To keep, not to sell.

It has been a good summer and I am feeling sad for the transition to fall. Even these goofy photos didn’t cheer me up that much!


5 Responses to “A Smattering of School Shots”

  1. Anne Says:

    Why did all the boys get to wear their cub scout uniforms for the picture. I have to go back and look at old photos now…

    This time of year is depressing.

  2. lexi Says:

    I was beginning to think you’d run off to Las Vegas. It’s been very quiet at Paper Dolls for Boys. I’ve been holding my own parties here while you’ve been out. Don’t mind the mess.

    Such cute photos. There’s no WAY I would share my school pictures. I am such a dork! My sisters say cute, I say nerdy. Hmph.

    I love these nostalgic pics.

  3. Lisa Says:

    Is that you in the row sitting down, 4th from the left?? Thanks for sharing your school pics!

  4. melissa s. Says:

    priceless pics! and that first one makes me feel better about holden’s haircut. i mean that in a good way 🙂

  5. lauren Says:

    i think those are pearlescent snaps on your shirt. cowgirl chic.
    and what is that called, when the top of your dress is all stiched together scrunchy like in your school photo? Oh, right, I remember, it’s called uncomfortable and itchy… i had that design on every top possible, including an orange bathing suit.

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