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I’ve Got My Procrastinati-ON August 15, 2008

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Okay, I swear, I will stop. I will get my cessati-ON.

This one is for one of my oldest and dearest friends Julie, who says I have been quiet lately. “I’ll have a blue Christmas without you. You-oo-ewwww” She’s having a baby girl and since Tracey isn’t really an option for a name, we need your help. Please offer suggestions (I said it in my head but I refrained from typing it. Baby steps) in the comment section below! Please do not suggest the name Giddeon. It would not go down well.

Glad you asked Julie. My weekend plans are as follows (grab a bag of chips and something to wash them down with):

  • Move bunkbed from playroom to small bedroom (and by move I mean badger the man to do it)
  • Feel guilty about not making the placemats yet. Avoid email asking if I have mailed them yet. I will not be a swap flake, really.
  • Go to reenactment on the Boston Common. Hoop skirt here I come…
  • Attend child’s birthday party at some kind of Medieval fencing venue.
  • Paint desk in “diamond pattern” with oldest son for his room.
  • Check my etsy shop compulsively to see if I have any sales. Will fight urge to spend hours in the community forums moping because I have no sales.
  • Try and squeeze an estate sale in (or two).
  • Make tri-corn hats for the birthday party no one can attend. edit: going to purchase them
  • Make pouches for the hard tack we are giving to those who do show up as a party favor. edit: can’t find the hard tack
  • Try and gather at least 5 bags of stuff for donation. (it’s hard not to do it, and I don’t mean the donating part) edit: no way, but did wash
  • Return coffee mug to Target because it leaks from the bottom. How hard is it to make a travel mug that doesn’t leak? Wouldn’t that be the main goal?
  • Try and make it to the mall to get some poprechat from the Indian stall. Also try and figure out how to spell poprechat.
  • Mail package to Julie and her little girl to be!

This is my new avatar on Etsy. Isn’t he dapper?

I will gladly be accepting any and all awards for most random/scattered post! Send ’em on.


11 Responses to “I’ve Got My Procrastinati-ON”

  1. okay, I’ll start.
    Willa, Selah, Orly, Noah, Nel, Nessa, Hazel, Tessa, or Mabel

  2. M Says:

    Etsy Jane

  3. Tricia Says:

    Claire, Tess, Lulu, Tabitha, Parker, um……that’s it for now.

  4. Tricia Says:

    I too spend too much time in the forums and conpulsivey check my shop for sales………….and mope about lack of sales…Oy!

  5. madeline, adelaide, miral, mirelle (meer-ay), gillian, mira, meredeth, dana, sunny, imogene, regina, jem, gemma, lee, kylie, kaylie, zoe, piper, georgia, talula, tally, miroko, kagome (kah goh may), sango (saan-go), kikyo (keek-yoh), rin, kilala (kee lala), kagura (kah-gah-rah), kanna ……..

    an’ that’s all i got.
    some of the later ones are japanese, if you’re wondering.

  6. Carolyn – I really like Keelala. When I was in high school I wanted to name my (future) son, Takahanada and call him Tak. Love that name. And neither son is called Tak. Maybe I’ll name the orange guy Tak!

  7. Bizzlebee Says:

    Zamirah, Zenobia, Amandine

  8. lexi Says:

    I have a great technique for selecting baby names. I used it for my children. Alas, I did not go with those names, but they made for some great laughs sessi-ONs.

    Pick up baby names book. Close your eyes. Flick pages randomly and use index finger scaling up and down page. Have someone else tell you when to stop. Wherever your finger lands is the babies name. BINGO!

    And I have a new website for you to love:

    Enjoy that, it’s like a late birthday present. xxx

  9. melissa s. Says:

    ok now that i’ve determined we’re suggesting serious names and not names ending in -ON, I’m going with Sabine because it’s the cutest baby name evar. And if we really were supposed to suggest silly names i vote for Etsy Jane.

  10. J-Bo Says:

    So many choices…not enough babies…

    Trix, I do so appreciate all your help, but the name game has been settled. We’re going with Sadie Mae. I’ve only known one person (not a former student!) and 2 dogs with the name, and it just rolls off the tongue. Can’t you just hear me calling her for dinner…..

    And the present has been sent?

  11. I LOVE Sadie Mae!!! Sadie was on our girl list. Well, this was fun anyway.

    Call her to dinner, huh? Don’t pretend you’re going to be making dinner with 3 kids! More like, “Sadie Mae, serve your own damn self!”

    No package is in the mail – but it is bought. I might start making her something for when she’s 5 (to take the pressure off).

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