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Little Help Over Here July 30, 2008

Filed under: Random Bits — twlowenstein @ 12:16 am

I am thinking about moving my blog. I want to be able to mess with the HTML some and most importantly, I want to be able to have a link to my Etsy shop (to be). I just signed up for the 14 day trail on Typepad and I can’t figure out how to import my WP blog. After a Google inquiry it seems like a lot of folks are flowing the opposite direction and switching from TP to WP. So am I missing something? Is there a way to add an Etsy link to my WP blog? What do you use and are you happy with it? Help me figure out where to plant my virtual butt.

Thanks, I need a little help over here…


3 Responses to “Little Help Over Here”

  1. melissa s. Says:

    i dunno about tp and wp, but crappy old blogger does have the ability to tweak the html directly so i’d think the big boys would too. good luck with the transition. i’ll follow you to the ends of the blog world 🙂

  2. cindy d Says:

    I wish I could import photos better on mine. Such a pain in the arse doing them one by one and then having them load up out of order and having to re-arrange them. grrr.. ;o)

  3. lisa Says:

    I use WP for my blog and have a link to my etsy shop with images in the sidebar. Is this what you mean? To get the code for your “etsy mini” login to your etsy account, click “my etsy” at the top, then look to the bottom of the left column for “etsy mini” and it will generate the code for it. To put it on my WP blog, I accessed my sidebar.html file (part of a blog template I used) and added the code there. I am used to working with the code directly in a text editor rather than via wordpress interface so I cannot help there – sorry! Have you searched the WP “codex”? Feel free to email me…

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