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6 Random Facts Meme July 29, 2008

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I am pretending Lisa of Spoonful of Sugar tagged me personally for this as well as fronting that I know exactly what meme means. Check out her Baby Lime Syrup Cakes, my eyes got fat just looking at them.

6 random facts, ahem, meme:

1. While crossing the street in Pattaya Beach, I was hit by a prostitute (I’m not judging, just reporting the facts) driving a motorcycle who shouted at me while I was down, “F@ck you! I beep horn! Why you not look? ” I lay there bleeding and bruised and flung back at her, “Mee ben ha, lur?” which means, You got a problem? It was all I could come up with in Thai and it was lame. Ask my brother about it, he’s still laughing about how I got pwned.

2. In High School I traveled to Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Indonesia with my soccer team (Captain typing – of team, not plane). Also on board -the boys soccer team and both volleyball teams! Can you imagine booking a flight only to find yourself surrounded by a plane full of lawless teenagers?

3. I got married in pants and we had a juke box at the reception (in our yard).

4. I am scared of butterflies. It’s like they have no sense of direction.

5. I think deeply about television.

6. I have almost drowned a couple of times. The first time was when I was 1, I went to dunk my playdough in the water and fell into the pool. My mom jumped in with all her clothes on to fish me out. I was also pulled onto shore by lifeguards at the beach when I was around 9 (don’t remember the exact age). My 2 friends and I were playing on a raft in the waves of Florida and we drifted out. My 2 friends abandoned ship and swam for the shore, but being a weak swimmer and scared sh@tless, I held on. I still can’t really swim properly, the face under water arms alternating forward side breathing kind of way. I’m sure I’ll learn the proper term once the Olympics start!!!

Cheeks as a flotation device.

I encourage anyone, who is into it, to participate in the 6 Random Facts Meme. Just let me know so I can laugh at with you! But I have to say it was harder than I thought it was going to be to dredge up random facts. Have at it!


7 Responses to “6 Random Facts Meme”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Your wedding attire sounds more comfortable that mine was! what great teenage years you had travelling all over Asia with your team. Thanks for playing along!

  2. melissa s. Says:

    LOVE those built-in flotation devices! I too am butterfly-phobic. Although I disagree about the no sense of direction thing. I think they have perfect aim for big sissies like ourselves. Ladybugs creep me out, too.

  3. Anne Says:

    I will have to come up with 6 things and I will let you know. Sorry, but the first one is too funny…I can almost picture it. The fabric I bought on Etsy..I will email you the seller’s name.

    Did you sign up for the Dharma Initiative email? I just got something and I’m going to do their test when I have more time. I am such a loser.

  4. lexi Says:

    dang! i was going to tag you, but you’ve already done it.. oh well. next time!

  5. Complete Stranger Says:

    Six Random Facts from Complete Stranger

    1. I once put my hair in curlers while wearing a bathing suit and swimming with a baby in my arms in a pool in Thailand. By the way, her cheeks were BEAUTIFUL.
    2. I once ran across the gym floor in college to accept my crown as KING of the Cross Gender Day for Freshmen,and my trousers (pinned at the waist with a safety pin came loose) and fell down in front of the whole student body. My boyfriend married me anyway and became the father of said baby mentioned abobe with full and beautiful cheeks.
    3. I was voted North Carolina Future Homemaker of America (FHA) by proxy. ( Was in a minor car accident on the way to the convention and my classmates got up and made a speech about me). Ironcially, I CANNOT sew, cook, or clean. Couldn’t then, still can’t.
    4. I recently talked 2 friends to prepare ( via emails) a surprise lip sync skit to perform for our friend’s 60th birthday party at a swanky Scottsdale, Arizona Country club, “Don’t Wear Panties to a Party, if you wanna have a Real Good Time”! We wore boas and sparkling crowns and had the same for the birthday girl. The country club crowd loved it!!
    5. My sister and I went into a Thai shopping mall looking for something that might actually fit our “foreign’ size butts, and the sweet Thai shop ladies were trying to help us. As my sister and I started to walk out of the store, one woman came running behind us yelling, ” Madam, Madam for you, JUMBO Size!!” holding up a HUGE pair of shorts! We ran out of the store…
    6. I hate Air Port Security….yeah, I know it has to be done..but who aways forgets a hair pin or to put the nail clippers in the suitcase; and thereby, has to take off the shoes, the coat, the sweater, and have the super sized purse, and the carry on bag unpacked and searched along with the upraised arms and the wand glided over your personal space by a very suspicious looking woman in a tight uniform who licks her lips as she does so! So many times, I am sure my name is on a list!

    This is my pathetic MEME

  6. Kindred Spirit Says:

    Six Random Facts from Kindred Spirit:
    1. I broke into my high school along with two other girls to “borrow” paint for my Jr. Sr. Prom. (we were not caught)
    2. I once sat on my porch steps for 2 hours waiting for someone to come home and kill the spider I was sure was a Brown Recluce. (It was not even a spider)
    3. I was scared into labor with my youngest daughter by some yahoo dressed up like Smokey the Bear. (I was not amused.)
    4. While in Pattiya, I was hoodwinked into going to a Caborrette. After about 15 minutes into the show, my sister whispers to me, “You do know they are all men don’t you?” (I never looked that good in a dress!)
    5. I once had 2 dates with 2 different guys on the same day. My first date’s dad decided to take us to dinner. I was sweating the time. When I got back to the house, I had 15 minutes to get ready for date #2…wouldn’t you know that he decided to take me out to eat at the same restaurant?
    6. I totaled my Dad’s car when I was 16 (the car was one payment short of being paid off). You know Pop! He was way cool about it though. He said, “I can replace a car, I can’t replace you.”

  7. Paige Says:

    Guess what?? I nearly drowned 2 times also! We’re death-defyers! And I’m gonna play along, too…

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