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Fingernails and Baby Teeth July 28, 2008

Filed under: Family & Friends — twlowenstein @ 9:13 pm

My eldest asked me what would happen if a person didn’t have fingernails or toenails today. I told him I didn’t think they were necessary (except for picking your nose and scratching bug bites). Then we got into a discussion of what purpose nails serve, why we are born with nails and all that, (anyone know?) and he said, “I think nails are there to showcase the best part of your fingers.” I like the way that kid thinks. Here’s a free tip from me to you: DO NOT EVER Google image “fingernail”. Really, don’t. Gnarly.

I’ll give you a twofer – he lost his first twof this week. Weepy mom moment! He asked what would happen if all of someones baby teeth fell out at once. Then answering his own question he said, “Would you just have to go around bald for awhile?” Those two things cracked me up but then I’m his mom. He also might be the first kid to pass on the Tooth Fairy. He was not down with the thought of “him or her” coming into his room while he was sleeping so we worked a deal with the TF (through secret channels) to leave a little something on the porch.

My blogger muscles are weak from lack of excercise. This is me stretching.


6 Responses to “Fingernails and Baby Teeth”

  1. Paige Says:

    Welcome back! Love that toothless pic.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Too cute! Hope the tooth fairy paid him a visit.

  3. Complete Stranger Says:

    a momentous occasion for both mom and first born…nicely recorded with the great photo…what a smart kid…

  4. lexi Says:

    Aye aye aye.. It always looks painful, though I know from experience it’s not.

    Glad to see you’re stretching. See you at the blocks.

  5. Tonya Says:

    That’s hilarious! I don’t think I thought twice about the tooth fairy coming into my room at night. I guess the thought of a 50 cent piece was enough to get me over any fear.
    Does he have a tooth pillow?

  6. cindy d Says:

    HA! I posted a photo of my 8 yr old nephew and he’s missing like 1/2 his baby teeth right now. It’s pretty cute/funny.

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