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And the Winning Name is… July 9, 2008

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You can check out the geogreeting here, and see where on earth these google map images are from.

The whole contest almost did not take flight because when I told my oldest that we were finally going to find a name for our little lovey , he looked at me funny and said, “You mean Jose?” Who knew?

But PottyMouthMama is a winnah. What a week, a rainbow crystal statue and a prize I haven’t though of yet!!! It’s a virtual world, baby! And just in case anyone questions the choice or fears favoritism may be in play, I will admit to trying to influence my son away from wonkatonkamoose because I was trying to imagining postage to Australia in my head (sorry Lexi). But I said he was the judge and so he was, postage be damned. Thank you all for playing the name game. We eagerly checked to read the new suggestions and laughed throughout the whole process! The little guy went through many name changes and just about all your suggestions were tried on for size.

On a kinda related note. It is nice to type without searing pain and fire shooting from my fingertips. I made these Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers for our 4th of July cookout. I see the blog I got the recipe from has been suspended for violating WP’s terms of service. Maybe they were sited for failure to post a proper warning??? I’ll leave the link in case it pops back up. Anyhoo, remember my whole “right tool for the right job” deal? I used my thumbs to de-seed and de-vein the peppers, all 25 of them (that makes 50 halves for those of you who are math challenged). They were a hit but I spent the whole party with my thumbs either in a saucer of milk. wrapped in a cold cloth, or clutching ice cubes. Not my smartest move. I will highly recommend this lemonade punch though, a definite party maker and thumb soother to boot! (bet you can’t say that fast 3 times. Or slowly once even!)


6 Responses to “And the Winning Name is…”

  1. lexi Says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. I won! I am thrilled. All the confetti is covering the floor – it’s all through my hair, there’s lights, there’s music. I am a WINNER! I knew that name was genius. Real MENSA material. Jose Wonkatonkamoose. Uber cute.

  2. Paige Says:

    I feel your pain. That’s all I can say about the jalapeno debacle. Ouch!

  3. A complete stranger Says:

    Well, Miss Jalapeno Pepper Fingers, one can certainly deduce that there was NO family favoritism in the selection!!! LOL
    Great name…fun contest.

  4. DeborahW Says:

    LOL! sorry, but I laughed out loud when I read of your thumb pain!!! My husband has done the same thing….hilarious!!! Glad you are feeling better now!

  5. melissa s. Says:

    i love the name! it has a nice punk rock band sound to it too.

    sorry to hear about your fingers. i did something similar involving my eye and a trip to the emergency room. ouch.

  6. Anne Says:

    I guess I learned something today…didn’t know that about the peppers. Doesn’t sound like fun.

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