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The Right Tool for the Right Job June 24, 2008

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This is one of my catch phrases as a mom. I always feel proud of myself as I use it to depart a lesson on say patience. I often put off art projects with the kids because we don’t “have the right tool for the job!”. No styrofoam printing yet because we are still waiting for that rubber brayer to fall out of the sky (or freecycle). We talk about it in terms of math and science thinking. I use it ALL the time.

Typically, I do not follow this rule in the slightest. I tear off store tags with my teeth (once it is home and paid for, of course) and use paint brushes for the glue knowing full well I’m not going to rinse them and they will end up as frozen evidence of my neglect, to name just a couple.

I am the queen of jimmy-rigging. I am only now going to tell you that the number of helpful people at my son’s school who went to open the car door for my son only to shockingly find themselves a few steps away from my car holding my door handle firmly in their grasp, door still firmly shut is greater than 1. I am telling you now because after months and months of the spit and muscle technique we took it to the shop. edit to say a big Thank You to the Auto Shop for making me feel less like a lazy fool. My five year old ripped the “fixed” handle off the car today. Turns out that new handle they “ordered and installed” was a big ineffective dollop of super glue. I choose lazy-lite over shady & illegal every time!

Today my first born suggested we do an art project together so I braved the “craft room” (I’m still sitting on those “before” shots because I’ve yet to achieve the “after”) thinking we’d do Anna Marie Horner’s animal silhouette project. I grabbed some cardboard, felt, modge podge, paint brush, and vintage patterns. I then realized this was going to be a project “inspired” by her project because it needed to be done fast and by me and a 5 year old. So we downloaded some simple silhouettes from the internet, just google imaged it, and started to cut out the shapes. I then hit my first roadblock. I have 2 pairs of tiny tiny scissors, perfect for scherenschnitte even. They have been swallowed by the craft room and I am hoping they will turn up (not in my foot) when I do my big clean. So I went ahead with my clunky fabric cutting scissors even though I knew I DID NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE RIGHT JOB. While my son worked on his puma, color pencil, glue and felt creation (as yet unfinished) I worked on this:

It’s not finished either. I had planned to add some old text and maybe another couple of layers to it but all the white bits that are ever so obvious at the hands and wings (if you click, you will see) are bumming me out. I think I am going to have to stop thinking of myself as a “free spirited” crafter and own up to being disorganized and a touch lazy. (edit: To all my potential employees who may be perusing this as part of the hiring process, let me just say that, PROFESSIONALLY, I am organized to a fault (almost) and am full of pep. Lastly, I would like to say, “pick me!”)

And before you analyze me too deeply, Dear Reader, via the big swoop going down in the collage, let me say that I am on day 3 of being housebound with a ridiculous summer cold. A cold I am trying to pretend isn’t strep throat but will go get the right pills for the job tomorrow!

(Has anyone noticed I am an avid over & mis user of parenthesis? ) My husband said this post is too self critical. I am leaving the house tomorrow, sick or not!


3 Responses to “The Right Tool for the Right Job”

  1. lexi Says:

    Wow, that looks fantastic – even unfinished, it’s great!

  2. lauren Says:

    i laugh… many times… for that post.

  3. A complete stranger Says:

    You crack me up…feel better soon!

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