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Who Am I Kidding? June 22, 2008

Here is what summertime REALLY means to me:

Yard Sales! With a few rummages thrown in and an estate sale sprinkled here and there!

Yesterday was a fruitful day. My big little guy and I had took some time to ourselves and we hit the sales.

All the old guys and I scoured the garage at our first estate sale. It had been striped of all the vintage tools by the time my son and I got there. I did come up with this beauty. It will go well with the orange shoe shine stand my brother gave me a few years ago. Check out that wooden container for the shine!

I picked this up at the same estate sale. 1 dollar. I think it was a salt or pepper shaker at one time. It’s heavy and delightfully bug eyed. I am smitten.

I also picked up these cameras for 8 dollars a piece. I’ve got a collection going now. Mostly vintage super 8s with a few cameras sneaking in.

I also got these books at a thrift store last week. I’m going to do a separate post to share their illustrated goodness.

I rescued this vintage textile from a yard sale.

It’s not exactly my style (I AM a sucker for orange) but I feel like it was lying there, indignant at the low price tag stuck on it’s rich fibers, calling for my help. I’m a saver.  Anyone know where it’s from?

My soon to be 6 year old passed by the plastic toys and went right for this at another yard sale:

He asked the woman having the yard sale how much it was and she said, “Are your parents interested in this?” Like I was using my kid to try and get a lower price. I didn’t want to offend her with what I was thinking, “Are you freakin’ kidding me? That is not going in MY living room!”. So I assured her it was all my boy’s idea. He bought it for 5 dollars and repeated a number of times throughout the day, “Isn’t it beautiful mom?” He’s hooked and I could not be more proud.


9 Responses to “Who Am I Kidding?”

  1. AmyDe Says:

    Those are some great finds. I especially love your use of the word “rescued” – truly insightful *grin*.

  2. i was bummed not to see you on saturday, you rat! but it looks like you had better things to do

  3. C. Says:

    Neat urn. I like that fabric. I see ducks, rabbits, crabs, and possibly chihuahuas? lol

  4. cindy d Says:

    thanks for your nice comment about my wardrobe!! You scored some pretty awesome stuff here missy! I LOVE the textile.. Estate sales are so dangerous for me ;o)

  5. Anne Says:

    What kind of yard sales do you have there? Out here it’s all beat up plastic toys and old clothes. Jealous…again!

  6. Lisa Says:

    You have a good eye – I never seem to find such treasure at op shops and garage sales. My son would have gone for that lovely urn as well – he loves anything with Ancient Greek or Roman motifs! Looks like your son has inherited your skill at identifying treasures.

  7. DeborahW Says:

    Great post! Just found your blog via Anna Maria Horner and I love it. I’m hooked on garage, yard, and estate sales, too. Nothing more fun than making a great find. You’ve inspired me . . . I think I just may have to photograph some of the items I’ve found and post them on my own blog, I’m subscribing to yours, too!

  8. megincl Says:

    dude, you are a finder supreme. pippi longstocking calls herself a “thing finder,” and i anoint you as a member of her crew.

    when you start your etsy shop you’ll have to delete all the great deals you got on this stuff so that you can make the big buckaroos!

  9. sharie Says:

    Oh lovely finds. Your son has a classical taste and who knows one day he might turn up with a very expensive grecian urn that all the big auction houses will fight over.
    Love the little shoe shine.

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