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Extra Extra, Read All About It… June 15, 2008

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I prod my husband into saying, “I’m a lucky man” every now and again but I know who the lucky one really is. In addition to being the most supportive and brilliant partner ever, he’s also an impressive dad. Calm, kind, thoughtful, fun and the king of horseplay. He is also a super good sport. For example, as part of his Father’s Day extravaganza we went to this:

He doesn’t have a blog. But if he did, nowhere would you find a reference to his deep interest or even passing fancy in the letterpress. Very good sport indeed.


This vintage diagraph machine is my idea of a rockin’ time.

I could have hogged it all day but I think it was meant for the kids to use so I only monopolized it long enough to make this:

In retrospect I’m a little embarrassed I didn’t go with “Peace on Earth” or “Get Your Dogs Spayed or Neutered”.

And I want to write a quick and quiet thank you to my dad for being the kind of dad who came to every soccer game, picked me up no matter the time or place- no questions asked, and for being the kind of dad I want to talk to every single day.

Love you, Happy Father’s Day.


4 Responses to “Extra Extra, Read All About It…”

  1. AmyDe Says:

    That is “Good News” indeed! Looks like a lovely day. We have so much to do here in Atlanta and I never seem to get to any of it; I’m going to try harder. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. A complete stranger Says:

    A very nice tribute to your dad.

  3. A complete stranger Says:

    Also a very lovely tribute to your partner!

  4. melissa s. Says:

    i could spend hours arranging those cool little type letters. And i wouldn’t even be clever enough to do my blog name, it would just be my first name over and over. with maybe my middle name thrown in for fun.

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