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Diagnosis: Old June 9, 2008

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I will be turning 39 in late summer. I am was not freaked out about this.

Today I went in for a quick visit to my doctor and was seen by the new PA. She was great, really good at her job. Have I written how my husband and I categorize our doctors into two groups? Those we’d like to grab a beer with and those we most certainly would not. So the first round would be on me. But as I’m sitting there IT hits me. She is younger than me. I am older than she is. It was shocking. It used to be all the PAs were nice older ladies, you know – the age I am now (and they have all been female, before you jump in on the gender comments) and then they were my contemporaries (truth be told I am only realizing this in retrospect) and now, today, I had a YOUNGIN’ dispensing help. There was no denying it. Maybe you are all rolling your eyes. But I am slow to pick up these things. It took me years, really years, and many many horrible shows, to realize that MTV was no longer about me. It stung a little when I came to understand that I just wasn’t their demographic anymore. I still watch Real World. I’ve been a fan of the RW since the get go (Hi Heather! Love you Norman!). But it’s not my MTV anymore. TLC and HGTV have a firm hold of my big white tuckus.

I kind of feel the same way about the “Craft Revolution” happening. I appreciate it, and I also envy it. Like I missed it. I would have loved to been involved in the Church of Craft pre-family but if I have any free time these days it’s most likely spent worshiping at the church of nap. I am taking steps, this blog being one of them, to actually create more. I am hoping to be in a craft group of really amazing women this fall. I long for that connection, to learn from watching, to laugh, to share and to have some time away from the family that feeds my soul. “Feeds my soul” most definitely not on the punk rock band name list.

This photo has no real connection to anything I am saying but A) I don’t like a post without photos and B) they ARE old and C) I did get 3 for 30 cents so I’m going to brag. And come to think of it, if MTV had a thrift store throw down show, I would totally hold my own. Hell, I’m being modest. I would kick some young ASS.


10 Responses to “Diagnosis: Old”

  1. Anne Says:

    You would kick ass and I would watch the show. As a rule, doctors should be older than you-no whipper snappers for me.

  2. A complete stranger Says:

    I liked your MTV analogy. I felt the same way about the MMC.
    ( Mickey Mouse Club) when I realized that not only would I never get invited to go to the dude ranch with Spin and Marty, but I would never be able to climb up on the damn house again!) I feel your pain!

  3. AmyDe Says:

    I feel your pain! And you would rock at the thrifty throw down!

  4. melissa s. Says:

    LOL at complete stranger’s comment (although i’m beginning to suspect you guys know each other). I think that as long as you keep your punk band namelist going, you’re still considered a youngin’. I’m not even going to comment on the bowls, lest I show my vintage tableware covetous side (grrrrr).

  5. paperdollsforboys Says:

    Yes, thanks to my completely strange (r) mom for making me feel young. I have no idea what you’re referring to!

    M.O.U.S.E – see you next time.

    L.O.V.E. YA!

  6. a thrifty throwdown you say? if you and I went toe to toe, well that would be a sight to see.

  7. Paige Says:

    I totally know what you mean about the doctor thing. What the he@#!!? And when did that gray stuff start sprouting from my scalp? Sheesh! And those bowls? Love them. Want them.

  8. Visty Says:

    My current doctor is younger than I am, first time for me. I felt very, uh, Eeyore-like.

  9. cindy d Says:

    adorable dishes!!

  10. girlsleuth Says:

    Urgh, I’ve totally been there. The doctor that delivered my first two children was younger than me!! And I thought I waited a respectable but not excessive amount of time to have children. In my mind, she MUST have been a female Doogie Howser.

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