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Money Well Spent June 5, 2008

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We’ve had a rainy couple of days here and as you may have discerned yesterday, in the battle of grey day vs my camera, grey and cloudy kicks my butt every time. And my homemade light box had lots of spunk but not much light. But I just can not wait to share these scores.

I got most of these gems from Charlie and Pat’s (their big sale is this Saturday if you are local). A few are from a recent church rummage sale. I toy with the idea of getting a tattoo from time to time, and really, deep down I know it’ll never happen. But the word Rummage tops my current never gonna get it tattoo list. I also keep a mental list of punk band names and you and I both know that will never pan out. Maybe someday (maybe this summer?) I’ll open my own junk shop and there will always be rockin’ tunes playing and classic Bollywood clips showing and craft circles craftin’ in the back room with tattooed types lingering amongst my riches. It’s a nice daydream. Let me see if I can get an etsy shop up first or manage my first eBay sale. Baby steps.

I picked up this vintage weaving loom, primarily for the graphics. I was also impressed it had a boy on the cover. Maybe he was able to weave a toy gun cozy or something. Whatever he made, I’m sure it was lots of fun!

I wrongly imagined our stairway to be light-filled and photogenic and yet still I will show you this darling mug. As you may have read from my previous post, Spelling Lesson, (I’ve always wanted to reference myself) I am not afraid of the traditionally defined “bad words” but I do, however, feel like washing my own mouth out with soap after merely typing the word, “darling”. Please excuse. But she is cute, right?

I got a whole series of these wonderful cookbooks. The illustrations deserve to be set free from the binding and framed but I have a hard time cutting into books. I’ve done it a few times but it feels illegal.

I also got a huge plastic orange tray and the smaller purple one you can see here with the cookbooks. They aren’t even part of a set, these two trays, but they are perfect together. I had visions of cupcakes and birthday parties when I saw them and for $4 it would have been wrong NOT to get them.

Here are some of the illustrations. Believe it or not, I am trying to edit my photographs and not plaster this post with them all but it’s kind of hard.

I bought this because I am not one to pass by anything touting an E-Z pour function.

This vintage beauty is the only thrift store score from today’s collection. I got her for 99 cents. I do not usually dig in the stuffed animal bins of my favorite thrift store. Mostly because it’s terrifying and sneezy but she drew me to her and now she sits atop a massive pile of crap in my craft room. Not totally unlike her previous residence.

I can’t find any marking on her. Any toy experts know anything about her? I reckon she’s German made but I have no idea.

And here is some cheer to brighten this rainy day. A portion of my collection of thrifted and family tins with a little bit of my childhood doll collection thrown in. These are also in my craft room that I hope to have finished to share with you sometime THIS SUMMER.

I hope you enjoy looking at this crap as much as I enjoying finding it!


8 Responses to “Money Well Spent”

  1. melissa s. Says:

    great finds!! if I lived near you, i would drive over and steal those cookbooks. those are seriously darling. how’s that for a punk band name?

  2. AmyDe Says:

    WOW – where do you find such good junk? Around here there’s only, well junky-junk.

  3. Scott Says:

    Great little animal, sheep is it? Why do you think it is German? It looks to me like 1940’s 50’s American made to me….but what do I know….

  4. paperdollsforboys Says:

    I mostly thought she was German because when she beckoned me she called me Fräulein.

    That and the thrift shopping guy in front of me said it looked German. I always take everything people tell me in thrift shops as the WORD!

    But now that you say 40’s 50’s American made I believe you. I seem to be easily swayed.

  5. A complete stranger Says:

    Don’t stop splashing the colorful photos! Never too many! Enjoyed your finds. You have a great eye for this “calling”.

  6. A complete stranger Says:

    Oh, and on the 50’s pot holders, The Beaver would be making pot holders for his mom!!

  7. Kindred Spirit Says:

    Beaver my foot! I had that same loom and sold pot holders door to door for $.40 a piece! Was my mother mortified? You guessed it!

  8. cindy d Says:


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