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It Floats and Then it Doesn’t! May 25, 2008

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I love it when it comes together like this. His own plan, independently crafted, and tested!

My son took some scraps out of the recycle bin and gathered the materials he needed to make this:

Guest blogged by my Big Guy:

Mama, want to ask me what my inspiration was?

I made a boat out of cardboard, duct tape and two bottles. I made a boat called Motorboat Lightening. It was not that easy. It was kind of hard because I had to do all that in one day. I was going to use foam but I knew I couldn’t find any so I used a water bottle I drank in the car. It was an experiment. What things float and what things not. I got a big pool and filled it with water. Only 2 things sank and a whole bunch of other things floated. A toucan mask sank and so did a rat mask. All of the other things I put in there floated. My boat floated because it had 2 bottles underneath. I put tape so water wouldn’t come in the bottles. I three doubled it. I’m going to make something else, I don’t know what it’s going to be yet.

Edit from the Boy: “Never ever put a cardboard structure in the tub because it will dissolve.”


6 Responses to “It Floats and Then it Doesn’t!”

  1. A complete stranger Says:

    Dear Young Scientist! What a cool thing to do on a Sunday afternoon- an experiement! I like you ideas very much, and I hope you guest blog again in the future. I wonder if your invention will float in the tub?
    Good luck.

  2. Uhmm ‘scusi but is that ah Jewish doughnut ( I think your people call it a BAYgull??) floating in the tub at the bottom left of the photo?

  3. paperdollsforboys Says:

    Dear Crack,
    I love how you try and be down with my people and all but you get a big game show X on this one.

    It’s a giant round of cork, probably used on a fishing boat. You know, float and sink experiment.

    I’d chat some more but I’ve got an everything bagel in the toaster oven and Oi Vey, I hate it when they char.
    Your Big Sister

  4. melissa s. Says:

    What a delightful guest blog. Cardboard and duct tape are my two most favorite craft materials of all time. And thanks for the cardboard in the bathtub info – good to know! 🙂

  5. melissa s. Says:

    huh, weird. I swear I left a comment, but it’s not showing up. Maybe it’s still floating out in the blogiverse. Anyway, I said something like cool experiment! I love cardboard and duct tape, too! and thanks for the cardboard in water warning! (only it all sounded much better the first time I said it)

  6. melissa s. Says:

    and now i feel like a total idiot because there are my two comments, front and center. i need more faith in the mysterious ways of the internets. ok i promise no more comments on this post.

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