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SOS May 22, 2008

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This story, Catalytic Beet Cake, from Melissa over at What Knot made me think of a time I was the laughing stock of a police station.

Setting & Brief History: I was living in a big 2 family in Cambridge and we had been broken into a number of times since I moved in.

Silly Story: I was home alone and had just showered and put on a gel face mask (this was obviously pre-kids). As soon as I went into my bedroom, I heard a really scary scream. I knew it wasn’t coming from my apartment because it sounded muffled. I was freaking out and wondering if I should call 911 or what, when I heard it again. So I called 911 and reported a possible break-in below us. The officers arrived (I’m still in my robe, manically peeling the mask off my face as I tell the police what I’d heard and the history of break-ins at our place) and they do a guns drawn canvass of the basement, the apartment below and our place. They don’t find any evidence of a break-in or of an intruder but they say they’ll wait downstairs and I should quickly get dressed and leave the house for a while. I rush upstairs, heart beating, to get dressed so I could get the hell out of there. While in my room I hear the scream again. I was totally WTF confused and then I realized that the scream was the screen saver on my old school Mac. The one with bugs scurrying across the screen and apparently a woman screaming in the background. Anyone remember that one?

Dilemma: So I had to decide if I was going to go downstairs and admit to the police waiting to escort me outside that it was just a little screen saver or if I would smile and thank them for their diligence and duck out with my face mask peeling pride (semi) intact. I ended up telling them the truth (they were the LAW) and asked that they just not use my name when they mock me back at the station.

If I were to have a super power name it would be – Super Sees-Danger-Where-There-is-None GrrrL!

Glad I don’t have any photographic evidence of this event but in my head these Etsy finds are the perfect illustrations.

Feast your eyes on this from JSartist’s Etsy shop, it’s from her Weirdo Bug Collection:

Clayflower22 has this in her etsy shop. It’s a baby head planter and I like it.

Stay safe people, there is danger lurking everywhere!


9 Responses to “SOS”

  1. teddy Says:

    Hee hee hee. Great story. Was that a Mac Classic? I feel we need to find the screen saver to exorcise this demon from your self-conscious. It’s clearly been weighing you down these years.

  2. paperdollsforboys Says:

    Google failed me, or I failed at Google. If you could find the screen saver it would be much appreciated.
    Your friend,
    Safety GirL

  3. melissa s. Says:

    Oh Yeah…that made my day!

  4. cindy d Says:

    ahahah oh man! funny one.. ;o)

  5. A complete stranger Says:

    Had forgotten that story, but laughed as much today as the first time I heard about it!

    Do you remember Mr. Hamlin’s break-in story…Ka Toy! instead of Ka Moy? Very funny. One night He actually head someone downstairs ( in Thailand) and in his underwear, he grabbed a Japanese sword hanging on the wall, ran down the stairs screaming “Ka Toy, Ka Toy!!” He thought he was saying the word for burglar. But that word is Ka Moy. He used the Thai word,
    Ka Toy, which means “transvestite”…needless to say the “kamoy” ran away quickly….true story…almost as good as yours.

  6. Lisa Says:

    What a great story!!

    If you haven’t already seen it, you may want to check out this post on Paper projects

  7. Anne Says:

    This is cracking me up…and you are quite brave for telling the truth.

  8. J-Bo Says:

    That story has always been one of my favorites and it’s a hit at parties! I still use your name…hope that’s okay!

  9. Yo Brotha Says:

    no no i knew the whole story…i just made my version abridged.

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