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My Mother’s Day May 13, 2008

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I hope one day you will land on this site and think to yourself, “Self, what a fresh and innovative idea I see before me.” Today, however, is not that day!

For Mother’s Day I requested that we make terrariums. Terrariums are burning up the blogs, a few that inspired me: Angry Chicken, Two Straight Lines & one more that I can’t remember but her husband gave her a hanging round terrarium that was really cool. Anyone?

We started out Sunday by gathering the succulents and putting a sheet out in the yard to make our terrariums.

Oh yeah, before heading to the yard, we all watched this youtube instructional:

I have to say that making them was harder than I imagined. I think our biggest mistake was putting too much of each level; rocks, charcoal, and soil. It was a fun family project though and we made 2 terrariums from thrifted glass vases and had some left over to make a couple of pet plants for the boys to take care of. My oldest has a jade plant, he named Gardner Weaver, that he has taken care of for over a year now. Plants as pets work well for a family with allergies and an aversion to picking up animal poop and cleaning fish tanks!

My husband was thrilled to bust out his latest gadget to open the soil bags! My gift to him was pretending the bags didn’t have a perforated “rip here” strip.

After we finished the terrariums (word count on terrarium thus far, 6) we took a lovely walk in a local bird sanctuary. We saw a tiny turtle, 3 frogs, some red winged black birds, geese, lots of rocks and 16 airplanes! On the way to the sanctuary we happened upon a yard sale, it was magical. Plants, a walk, my boys and a yard sale! I found an old pyrex pot with a lid for 10 cents that will make a perfect t-word! I also scored a bocce ball set and an old yellow bread box and canister set!

I saw three lotus pods in the reeds which I took to be a sign of good luck as lotus is my favorite flower and 3 is my lucky number. I’m much less superstitous than I used to be, really.

A special message written to me in the dirt. It reads, “To the Wow”. You get the idea!

I think this was my favorite Mother’s Day so far. Good fun family time with my 3 guys. I really am a lucky mom. I have 2 healthy, funny, loving boys and a smart partner that is so supportive and makes me laugh at myself.

I love you.  Thanks for a wonderful and windy Mother’s Day!


5 Responses to “My Mother’s Day”

  1. A complete stranger Says:

    What a creative way to spend Mother’s Day! I think your terrariums look very nice; much better than the ones on the video. Hers did NOT have a Play School character to give color to her pot! A wonderful family with a strong, lovely “ma” ( using your Thai tones) to lead them.

  2. melissa s. Says:

    What a lovely day. And your gift to your husband…so generous of you! Beautiful t-words!

  3. Natasha s Says:

    Hey there,
    Are you thinking of claudia from osieux something?? blog
    I remember seeing that post.Now you have me on a mission!!!
    I hope all is well.When is the little ones birthday?

  4. cindy d Says:

    aww i love the lil succulent glass garden things you made!!! so coooool. thanks for adding me to your blogroll ;o) i’ll try to keep finding cool things to post.

  5. Anne Says:

    I love the little Lego guy touch!
    Glad to hear you had a nice Mother’s Day.

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