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Stuff Overload May 5, 2008

The other day my blog stats spiked and I couldn’t tell why. I think I figured it out. I swung by Charlie and Pat’s today (the best thrift store on the planet if you haven’t been playing along) and I saw Charlie hand a folded slip of paper to another customer. Turns out along with a purchase, Charlie is handing out my blog address. Charlie introduced me to the recipient of the blog address handoff, a local firefighter! Another woman in the shop patted my little guy’s head and then my arm and told me she had seen my blog. Thanks for tooting my horn Charlie and a big hello and howdy to all my peeps from the shop! Not who I imagined my target readership to be (hi mom!) but totally and completely perfect. It’s moments like this, that can’t be photographed and cropped, that make my town “beautiful”. This nomad just might be home.

And now on to the good stuff. Some of this is from C&P’s shop and other bits are from a rummage sale I recently hit.

Who can’t use a little waxed linen lacing cord and a oven thermometer?

I think this is a vintage handmade knitting bag. The fabric has a nice heft to it and I particularly like the color of the lining. I will be putting this up in my shop, when I have a shop!

This fabric caught my eye. I usually like to work with linen or cotton and this one is neither but I couldn’t pass up the colors and the circles.

This fabric is super wrinkly and much cuter in person. It’s a grey silk with little flowers and pears. 2 yards – $2.

Orange and pink? Every time. I googled Metsovaara and think I got a score.

I bought this mostly because it’s orange but also because it’s “all-powerful”. Another for the shop-to-be.

Ahhhh, can you see those price stickers? On the right are 5 buttery cloth napkins with a beautiful linen one below it. The ones of the left are pillow cases.

Random toys and craft supplies.

These are possibly my favorite of the rummage sale. I bought a large Weis wooden file box and when I got home to inspect my stuff I found these tucked in the box. They are printed by Signal Press in Evanston Illinois, no date. Anyone know what they were originally for? Book marks? They’re seem a little big though…?

I also got some beautiful old books.

This was hidden inside one of the books published by the H.K. Fly Company in 1919. It’s a homemade card/book mark that has sandpaper in the belly of the cat. My favorite part is how stained the book is, looks like this little guy has lived in this book for a long time.

And lastly (phew!) this little illustration is for my brother who was born to sport a fancy walrus moustache.


5 Responses to “Stuff Overload”

  1. A complete stranger Says:

    Maybe those Signal Press publications were used as fliers to encourage people on the street corners or at a meeting to remain sober! Beats me…but think I will have a glass of wine, and think on it! Complete stranger.

  2. Paige Says:

    Hey there, congrats on your awesome finds! I love that Reeling Machine because it’s “all-powerful.” Were it not “all-powerful” I may not love (covet) it as much.

  3. cindy d Says:

    holy crappers! you found THE best stuff. I LOVE LOVE LOVE That fabric with the Pegasus print. The books are cool also. There is a thriftshop here where all the stuff comes from this raghouse and if you ask the lady she will have boxes sent from the warehouse to the store for you. I scored THE best high waisted pants from there. It’s hit or miss tho.

  4. msperception Says:

    just a heads up, the all powerful machine is an umbrella swift.

  5. paperdollsforboys Says:

    Thank you, Ms Perception. What is an umbrella swift and are they worth millions?

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