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Town Day Round-Up May 3, 2008

Filed under: Town Week Photos — twlowenstein @ 7:26 am

Things I learned this week:

1.) I live in a pretty little town. I didn’t really appreciate the beauty of the town before and it’s starting to feel like home. Too bad quaint comes with a sticker price that will knock you (us) on your (our) a$$.

2.) I don’t really enjoy the structure/restriction of a focus week. One year when I was teaching 1st grade, we had a discussion on the first day of the year about how to be a community that respects learning and each other. One little boy suggested we raise our hands before sharing in circle (revolutionary isn’t it?). This same little boy continued to talk throughout the whole meeting, adding his ideas with no filter or hand raising in sight. Another little boy, who I will call Greek Chorus, raised his hand and said to the first boy, “You made up that rule and you can’t even FOLLOW it!”

3.) I really enjoyed the interactive aspect of this week. Seeing other folks take on their towns and reading your comments and emails was my favorite part. Thank you! Tonya from Happy Dash emailed an idea to do a Town day, maybe on Tuesday, instead of a whole week. I like that approach. Maybe after a breather we can start that up. Do you have any themed days on your sites?

Things I did not learn this week (just a small sampling):

1.) How to format on WordPress like I want it.

2.) The source of the funky smell in the kitchen.

edit: Hidden bag of unrefrigerated parmesan cheese. Funk banished, case closed.

3.) How to make a paper yo-yo that really really works.


I’m off to rummage, wish me luck!


3 Responses to “Town Day Round-Up”

  1. A complete stranger Says:

    Have fun on your rummaging! You always find fun treasures.

  2. melissa s. Says:

    Nice wrap up! It was fun playing. We have a funky smell in our kitchen, too, but as of yet, it’s still unidentified. Congrats on ID-ing yours!

  3. V Says:

    I love your “job” description – sounds like the same position that I currently hold…wondering if anyone is offering promotions because I am also a nutritionist (ie short order cook)! …I have a suggestion for a segment that I would like to read your perspective about…”Lost and Found”; I would love to see what your camera picks up and the perspective you give to the “loser” and the “finder” of said “things”.

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