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Walk – Day 1 April 28, 2008

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On one the first days of school in one of my first grade classrooms, we had a discussion about how we could be a community that respects each other and respects learning. One little boy suggested that people raise their hand in meeting when they have something to say instead of calling out. (revolutionary teaching concept, I know). This same boy proceeded to chime in with ideas throughout the morning meeting. Another little boy shot his hand up and, like the Greek chorus of the class, said “You made up that rule and you can’t even FOLLOW it.”

I tell this story because here we are on day 1 and I’m not even following my own “rules”. I had great intentions of a week of walks but I didn’t consult the weather reports. I was inspired by this day and Green Jello’s Toy Week, to do a week of walks and photos from my town/your town, our neighborhoods, haunts and new discoveries. If you would like to join leave a comment and I’ll link to you site. A couple of folks expressed an interest, let me know if you’re still in! Obviously, the “rules” are loose. Share some old photos, take something new or create your own spin but please share, I’d love to see it!

Today was monsoon like so I have some photos of a magical walk we took around our town reservoir last week.

It was one of those times – I happened to have the camera, it was actually charged, the weather was beautiful, the play was rich and I feel like I got it on ‘film’. I do have 2 kids but my youngest was relegated to the stroller after one too many close calls with the bridge and he and my husband walked ahead around the path. My eldest and I got to hang back and explore. In my experience dawdle=good times.

This is my favorite photograph of my big guy evah! It captures his imagination, focus and dramatic flare perfectly.


2 Responses to “Walk – Day 1”

  1. Paige Says:

    I love those photos of your boy, playing and exploring and having a good ‘ol time!

  2. A complete stranger Says:

    Big Brother helping little brother…what a picture!

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