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Rainy Day at the Farm April 27, 2008

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We met my friend and her son at a farm a couple of towns over this morning. It was raining a bit but fun was had by all.

These are the killer geese. I wish I had captured a shot of my friend doing her full geese defensive maneuvers.

The two younger boys fleeing the barn due to the racket the hungry cows were making.

This was the most fancy pants chicken I’ve ever seen. I named her Martha Stewart. We all had a good laugh at her running form.

Here is the big guy doing his best scarecrow impression. You can’t see the overalls under the coat (thanks L!) but he went right for them this morning so he’d be in his “farmer uniform”.

I’m actually more of a city girl than a country one. I don’t usually use words like adorable when describing furry things but sweet goodness, these piglets were soooooo cute!

Can you see the little baby goats (I’m sure they have a special name, goatees maybe)? They were having fun walking along the stone ledge and getting the hang of their little legs on the climb down. This is the last shot before my battery crapped out. Do I learn from my past mistakes?


4 Responses to “Rainy Day at the Farm”

  1. Katie C-L Says:

    Baby goats are kids!! (and my exclamation points are not to say– ‘ stupid’!, they’re to say, “isn’t that so cute!!”

  2. Anne Says:

    Oh, these pictures are too cute; the rain boots and hats, and those wee pigs and baby goats.

  3. Oli Says:

    All these photos make me want to get back to the country!

  4. Complete Stranger Says:

    All the “kids” are “adorable! A great outing for moms and all.
    Wish I could have been there to watch the children have a fun day at the farm.

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