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Happy Passover April 19, 2008

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You wish you had wooden matzah!

I got a bag of Judaica at an estate sale a long time ago, before I became Jewish even. This Maxwell House Haggadah was one of the treasures in the bag.

I had no idea there WAS an “original Passover coffee”! Always learnin’.

This paper was also folded in the bag of ephemera. I imagine the family taking this out to use as a reference for the seder year after year.

When I touch these things I feel more connected to the people who owned them originally (whether they were family or not), to the past and somehow to myself. Is that what makes a collector collect? (I’ll add this to my stuff dissertation).

I did not know there was such a thing as a Passover gift! Great Matzah, hope I get a camera (or a piano).

The only way I’m drinking Maxwell this Passover is if it has a little Bailey’s in it. Is that Kosher?

This is an old Haggadah found in my husband’s Gram’s house. My plan is to work on a family Haggadah using some of these vintage finds and some of the boys and cousins artwork. Maybe next year in Jerusalem. Ba dum bum.

I picked up this old (1949) record in an antique mall in NC. I had it on the wall of the nursery when my big guy was a wee one. Love the graphics.

Wishing you all a joyous weekend!

edit: Ok, the haunt of Nancy C.P. continues. I respect her but I just can’t have her hanging out in my Haggadah. I’m going to consult a higher power. SOLVED 4/24

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One Response to “Happy Passover”

  1. megin Says:

    I can’t believe it! We had Maxwell House Haggadahs at the Seder we were at last night. Madness! Many a joke was cracked, but the woman who hosted had grown up with them and then recently got the updated versions at Shaw’s, of all places.

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