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Quilt Goodness April 12, 2008

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I struggle with stuff.

I enjoy the hunt for new treasure, the surprise of finding. Conversely, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by my “stuff” and like I am not treating the things I already have very well, as they get lost in the sheer volume. I often dream of a spartan loft that showcases a few key pieces but it’s not who I am. All this to say, that I’m trying to reconnect with my current stuff instead of finding the thrill in the not yet obtained. This is funny following my last post, I know, but that was DAYS ago!

Day 1: Quilts in the Closet

One of the benefits of coming from a southern family is quilts. I was fawning over some quilts on ebay but decided instead to dig my quilts out of my closet and give them some sugar. A couple of puffs on my inhaler later, I was reunited with these little babies. My goal is to carefully launder them and use them (it’s tough in a household filled with full on dust mite allergies which is why they were in the closet in the first place). I’m not a hardcore utilitarian but I do believe the quilts should be used and in doing, create memories for my boys that connect them to their past. I have strong memories of using the basket pattern quilt on camping trips in our old VW when I was a kid.

I want to thank my Granny and Great Aunts Nancy and Nellie for these beautiful quilts. My Granny made a couple of them and I think Aunt Nancy and Nellie’s mother made the others. My Granny grew up on a farm raising 4 kids and working hard, she never learned how to ride a bike but took a plane to Thailand (in 1969) to meet me when I was born. She had guts and grace. Aunt Nancy and Nellie were big time Tar Heels fans. Didn’t miss a game that I know about. Aunt Nellie was funny as hell and Aunt Nancy was tough as nails and they took good care of each other and of us. One of my favorite memories was eating homemade cheese straws watching Miss America with them at Myrtle Beach.

It’s such a lovely day, I wish I had a clothesline to drape these over…

This shot reminds me of Ikat fabric:

The camper quilt, it’s green striped wool backing will forever remind me of my brother and I sleeping on long car trips. Remember back before carseats and rules? Before we got the VW, my dad used to put a mattress in the back of the LTD for us to sleep on during our drives to see our grandparents.

I’ll try and photograph some of my parents wonderful quilts when I visit them this summer. Maybe they need me to take a few off their hands. I’m a helper.


8 Responses to “Quilt Goodness”

  1. Vonda Says:

    I love when I discover something in my house that I forgot I had but really like! I could probably entertain/occupy myself for hours on end with things I already own. I often have to remind myself even to dig to the bottom of the jewelry box for stuff instead of wearing the same old pieces and then wishing for new ones. What an epiphany (sp?) you had today!

  2. Christie Says:

    Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog!

    You are so lucky to have these special quilts- what treasures. Did their smell bring back memories too? I found my childhood teddy recently & it smelt so comforting… is that weird?

  3. paperdollsforboys Says:

    Vonda – Spartan I am not. We’re still on for the rummage sale, right?

    Christie – I often have food smell memories, but I tried to keep my nose and mouth as far away from these quilts as possible since they were giving me an asthma attack!

  4. You have moved me with your honesty and the quality of your writing. I am a purger. A person who gets rid of what I do not use, or what has no meaning. But I also love to gather. There is a beauty in the search. Enjoy what you have and who you are.

  5. melissa s. Says:

    I’m drooling over some of those vintage prints. So amazing, what a treasure you have there!

  6. Teresa Says:

    Hi, my first visit here – love your site – love the quilts – are you from NC? – you mentionned the Tarheels – I’m from NC but currently in ND – funny to go from one North to another…

  7. pinetown2000 Says:

    hey T. i like reading about ‘your’ quilts, but i think i better take an inventory of ‘my’ quilts now. by tomorrow, maybe, i will send you a picture of the old VW camper you mentioned and maybe even a picture of some of the old quilts that you and your brother slept on during our trips. some of them are still inside and being used by a couple of puppies now.

  8. Complete Stranger Says:

    The photos of the quilts bring back some great memories. There are more. Waiting for you! Bring a bigger Travel Box for the top of the car this summer. Your cousin, Pat, is having throw guilts made for herself and for Dale’s daughters. Your Aunt Donna is making them for her. Pat picked out Dale’s favorite shirts, and jeans. I will send you a photo when they are done. What a nice memory for the family made with those talented fingers of my sister, Donna. I don’t know if any quilts were left by Grandmother; and if so, where they are. A good question for Donna.

    Again, I would like, as a complete stranger, to mention that you are as clever with your words as you are with your camera. Honestly, I do see a book in you.

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