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A Banner Thrifting Day April 10, 2008

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It was one of those days that make you want to clutch your finds to your chest and run to pay before someone jacks up the price or somebody else just plain jacks you and steals your treasures. That good. This is one of the reasons I wanted to start a blog, to be in the company of people who (hopefully) find rusted tins, vintage pins, hand carved wooden mushrooms and silly old buttons as thrilling as I do.

Can you believe it? Who made it? Who gave it up? How did I get so lucky? 10 cents! The little orange cup to the right is another thrift find, one shiny quarter plus another for the faux bois planter. I will one day actually plant the plants, and you know which kicks I’ll be sportin’! (keep reading…)

Check out the wooden spool, the amazing color combination. Will I ever be able to cut into this? Probably not. $1.00

If it says, “As is” chances are good it’s golden. 25 cents.

These are lovely and make me want to poke something, not repeatedly!

Miss Piggy for President! I’m down.

I love vintage kitchen tools. Anyone have any good ideas or examples of how to display them?

And these shoes aren’t vintage or particularly cool but they fit, they are green and I like to pretend I will garden one day.

I’m striving for the wonderful detail Melissa at Yummy Goods always captures in her photos. Check her out and tell her I sent ya!

Here are the fish I threw back:

This isn’t faux, just plain bois. Why the hammer?

This was the size of my arm.

Random quote from my 5 year old: “Wouldn’t it be funny if there were seeing eye lions for cavemen?”

These were his picks of the day:

Thrift stores RULE! If you think so, join the Flickr Group, Thrift Thursday!


8 Responses to “A Banner Thrifting Day”

  1. I love that mushroom! adorable.

  2. melissa s. Says:

    What great finds! Doesn’t it seem like some days the planets align and you find great stuff at thrift stores? Makes up for the flop days. I’m loving the mushroom too!

  3. Ooooh, that tin with the vintage illustration!

  4. Lacey Says:

    What outrageous finds!! (outrageous has become my new favourite word as I spend a few minutes every evening revisiting my childhood by watching Jem and the Holograms cartoons on Youtube) ….aaaaanyway…I also find it totally outrageous that you want to take a pic of my head to the clippershop! Of course you can, I would be flattered! You might not get all of the behind-the-head-without-mirror blunt chops though…. unless you ask the hairdresser to wear a blindfold!! Haha! Have fun!

  5. megin Says:

    I vote for a “floating” glass/see-through plastic shelf in the kitchen on which to display the old-fashioned goods. Sort of a contrast between modern and older-fashioned. And simple.

    If not, some sort of crazy hanging contraption. đŸ˜‰

  6. Complete Stranger Says:

    What I love is your PASSION for your treasure finds.

  7. Laura Says:

    Oh, I didn’t get to go thrifting once this last week so I am more than a little jealous at your lovely finds. I actually lie in bed at night and wonder what I may have missed out at my local stores. Like the aqua typewriter I am dying to have to match my rotary phone.

  8. Lori Says:

    agghhh – i didn’t need to see this! i’m desperately trying to make my stuff pile *smaller* .. but the thrift stores call… ;^)

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