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Colors in My Home April 9, 2008

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I’ve been pining away for a new camera. Today I decided to get to know the camera I DO HAVE a little better instead. So I gave myself an assignment. I searched the house for cool colors. My rule was not to set up a shot. This is when having piles of stuff everywhere really IS a good thing!

Some were in just the right light and others were not. My challenge was trying to figure out which settings to use to get the best color. (And if you clicked on “I do have” you’ll see I don’t mean settings in a SLR kind of way!) I was more successful in some shots than in others.

My favorite is in the upper left hand corner. Check out that terrifying fogurt (fake yogurt) color.

I’m learning (and having fun in the process). I’m going to see if I can dig up the manual.

I used this flickr toys site to make the mosaic. It was super easy but I still haven’t figured out how to create the mosaic without them automatically cropping the photos.

Anyone else want to take the Colors in My Home Challenge? Send me a link of your Colors post!


3 Responses to “Colors in My Home”

  1. Natasha s Says:

    That is so cool,good for you figuring out your camera.My husband bought me the rebel xti on the condition that I READ the instructions first!!! Well,it’s a bloody big instruction book so I sort of didn’t uphold my end of the deal:0 but i did read some of it and I am learning about it every time that I use it.My favorite is the one with the orange rubber glove (are they ikea?I have the lime green ones too!) I love the way that the sunlight is falling in that picture.I am happy to see that I am not the only one who arranges their books by color too!!

  2. megin Says:

    Dude, this is totally cool. Your creativity humbles me daily.

  3. melissa s. Says:

    You have some great colors in your home! I’m up for the challenge, but still afraid of my new camera. I’ll see if I can get a post up soon!

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