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Birthday April 8, 2008

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So when it came time for my youngest son’s first birthday I really thought about what he loved the most and hence the banana birthday was born.

I wanted to make the invitation from something that was cheap, wouldn’t just be thrown away and that would be fun. I was really excited with the result, a banana invitation:

banana birthday invitation

I took inspiration from here for the birthday crown:

banana birthday crown

We made a mix cd of some family favorites and my brother (who is an amazing artist) made/stole the cover from Andy Warhol:

birthday cd cover

I got this really cute shirt from etsy (I wish I could remember which shop it was so I could give the woman credit):

banana fana fo fana

Here are the brothers on the slide, my oldest is holding a bean bag I made out of some thrifted pjs:

birthday slide

A good time was had by all:

birthday parachute

I’m going to cut this short because, a) It’s not really that short and  b) my family has been waiting for me to finish up so we can go to the library.

I have the Ancient Egyptian birthday and another 1st birthday to share. Hold your breath.


2 Responses to “Birthday”

  1. mel Says:

    my son is about to turn 1 & also is a lover of the banana – we have a banana theme song – the whole 9 yards – i was considering a banana party & the banana shirt you have posted here from etsy will most certainly push me over the edge if i can find that thing SOMEWHERE… i’ve looked up everything i can think of on etsy – banana shirt – banana anna fo fanna – got any hints?

  2. Anonymous Says:


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