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I Have Seen the Future… March 23, 2008

and it’s on wheels! There was much wheel envy happening at the park today. My little guy wanted all the wheels except his own.

Cool Kids


This nice skater kid said, “Don’t worry, I won’t hit her.” They were really patient seeing as we were probably putting a damper on their fun.

My big guy has been waiting to do this trick all winter. He’s working up to doing it one handed. Your untrained eye might not have picked up on the fact that he is decked out in biking gear. He invents an outfit for every task. Dusting, yup – he’s got special gloves. Soccer team that he’s not on, check! He’s turning out to be quite the gearhead. Wonder where he gets that from?

On the way to school the other morning he told me, “I might want to train for the Olympics. Maybe skiing (he’s never been) or bobsledding (this verse, same as the first).” Then he asked, “Do they have special uniforms for the bikers in the Olympics?” and that swayed it. 2020 Olympics, mark your programs people!



He wasn’t the only one experiencing envy. One of the skaters had a sweet little camera!

My Envy

Thrift brag alert! I got the Community Playthings scooter at a yard sale for $3.00!

Oh, it feels so gooooooood.

Love the One You

This post is my first in REAL TIME. I finally got my camera and the computer working. Apparently they’ve started to fancy each other and have actually started working together. Life is good in the skating hood!

And on an unrelated note. Does anyone familiar with wordpress know how I can change the color of my highlight? When I link to something, it’s a very pretty light brown but it doesn’t have enough contrast. Any help would be much appreciated!


7 Responses to “I Have Seen the Future…”

  1. megin Says:

    No wordpress help, but your wheelin’ dudes are the absolute cutest.

    Count on us for the 2020 games. Oh how I love the Olympics!

  2. Katie C-L Says:

    Oh my gosh! Eben is such a good biker! Think he can teach Quinn???

    I just had my first foray into posting a video on my blog…check it out. I sent you an “invitation” — don’t you feel special??!!

  3. Miss Freda Says:

    Coolest biker dudes ever! A complete stranger

  4. Moonchyld's Clan Says:

    Aw, he is just the sweetest little guy, all my grandsons are into skating at such a young tender age. You seem to be totally in tune with your child, I applaud you for that, all parents should be so!
    I found your blog in your profile after my normal routine prior to admitting anyone into our group Fun Pictures with Kids.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. teddy Says:

    Before this blog gets too out of hand, I wanted to promote the logos I created for your children last year. If you’re going to exploit their images for fame and fortune, don’t forget the merchandising!

    I predict LoweCal will be his sk8tr persona name.

  6. Natasha s Says:

    Your babes are so cute in that skate park.pop over to my blog and enter to win them some board shorts to ride in:-)What a steal on the trike too.
    People always call my youngest son a she.Ah well,I don’t care:0)

  7. Complete Stranger Says:

    Most adorable skater dudes ever!

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