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Someone Else’s Art Sunday March 16, 2008

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I’m lucky enough to be waiting for this to come in the mail:

slowshirt print

It’s from a shop called Slowshirt’s Shop on Etsy.

It was between Solar Shack (above) or Little House on Stilts (below):

slowshirt stilt house print

Which would you have chosen? Vote in the comments section, located at the bottom of this post.

And be sure and check out Slowshirt’s shop. They make a guitar scarf that is instant cool.


4 Responses to “Someone Else’s Art Sunday”

  1. ghostpirate Says:

    1 vote for Solar Shack.

  2. megin Says:

    1 vote for stilts here…perhaps because it’s a dream of mine to stay in such a house.

  3. footlog Says:

    Solar Shack. I am in to downsizing lately.

  4. Miss Freda Says:

    I like the challenge of the too short ladder house in the water. 1) one would have to have a boat to either get to it or away from it 2) one would have to have a partner to shoulder each other up and 3) one would seldom have company.

    Total Stranger # 2

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