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Birthday Crazy March 15, 2008

About a week after the birth of my second child my foggy brain came up with an awesome realization. “I get to plan 2 birthday parties a year now!” I excitedly said to my husband (who humors me beyond belief). I love love love planning my kids’ birthday parties. Usually I stick to it being all about them but I fumbled on my eldest son’s 3rd birthday. I’m embarrassed to admit that I started planning for it about 8 months before his birthday! At the time he was way into robots, I like the vintage kitschy quality of robots myself so I got busy. I hand sewed felt robot invitations with silver metallic thread:

robot birthday invitation

I gocco’ed Thank You cards:

robot birthday thank you

I print gocco’ed some paint sample cards to string together for a banner:

robot birthday banner

I sketched the cake, I saved recycling and shiny things for the kids to make their own robot costumes, I’d even started on the robot piñata. Can you see where this is going? The whole thing became more about me, my vision and the pleasure I get from being crafty than about my son, HIS party and his CURRENT interests. So after some soul searching I asked my son what kind of birthday party he’d like to have, “Baseball!” he excitedly shouted. So I acquiesced. But I decided I wasn’t going to spend any more money on a second party. So I tucked away my runaway robot creations (although I’m really hoping my youngest develops an affinity for robots) and happily planned the baseball party. This time I looked at it as more of a joint project. My husband came up with a great idea, to cut paper plates to look like home plate and have the kids decorate them. My son asked that he get to throw “sprinkles” and dance. It was a kickass baseball party.

fenway bean bag toss

I used popcorn containers I already had for the goody bags, filled them with stickers and a Red Sox bracelet (the Lance Armstrong kind). The only bits I bought specifically for the party.



Swing battah battah! We filled the inside with baseball cards and “sprinkes”.

baseball pinata swing

I have to see if I can find one of the invitations to photograph, I delivered each kid a baseball with the party info written on a sharpie. I’m all about invitations that are also part of the favor.


9 Responses to “Birthday Crazy”

  1. coffeeandwaffles Says:

    i really like your use of everyday things like tangerine crates, color sample cards, fabrics and fruit. the items you’ve showed cased here burst with color, fun and creativity. you’re working it, but not over reaching. now what can you do with coffee and waffles?

  2. rekindled Says:

    Will you plan my next birthday party please? I may be 25 but it looks like so much fun!

  3. paperdollsforboys Says:

    3 parties in one year! You bet rekindled. What’s the theme?

  4. Miss Freda Says:

    Amazing and creative parties. People should contact YOU to plan their parties for their kids!!!
    A complete stranger

  5. megin Says:

    Wowza! You rock the house. Sorry that I can promise Q’s party will be rather plain…although perhaps some fairies will visit.

    Loved seeing pix of the fam from back a few!

  6. footlog Says:

    Looks like a fun party. Eben’s cap still looks good. more later. d

  7. you just started this blog and you have all these comments? what do you need my help for!?
    It’s so cool to see how crafty you are!

  8. paperdollsforboys Says:

    Melissa, Have I introduced you to my very supportive family and friends? LOL. Rekindled is the only “stranger” but not for long since I’m planning his/her 26th bash!

  9. Vonda Says:

    This comment is from Vonda, who shall from hence and forever more be known as the “oh-so-blunt-that- it-numbs-one” which you may find out why when you read a later blog in which one of my sayings is used….but I digress, ….Tracey, I just wanted to tell you that you have embarrased every mother out there who has ever given their child a birthday party with a cake from the super market bakery and ivitations selected from Walgreens with the famous quote “It’s a Party” and the fill it the blank prompt, (who, time, where, etc. ) next to a picture of Barney; also included the matching plates, cups, and napkins w/ Barney and friends! Shame to us all!

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