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Rainy Day Fabric Finds March 13, 2008

These are perfect rainy day thrift store finds. Beautiful vintage pillow cases, 99 cents each and cozy silk slippers for $1.99.

Thrifted Slippers

I love the embroidery and the colors on the slippers. I’m guessing that the previous owner dropped these beauties off at the thrift store after one too many feathers poked her or, a fabulously adorned, his feet. I have a thing about socks, I am firmly anti-sock. So I can take a few pokes from a former chicken if it keeps me away from socks and warms my feet in the process. Plus, $1.99! I mean, really, I would have bought a jock strap in those colors.

Notice I’ve traded in the wrinkly comforter for a piece of foam board. I thought I’d try taking a photo booth photo during the day instead of 3am, which is when I took that dank Channukiah shot. I’m going to give myself points for creative documentation. Creative documentation = making it happen while saving up for new camera.

As part of my quest to post photos without an actual camera, I scanned my favorite pillow case (there were 2 of these)!

butterfly pillowcase

This reminds me of an earlier textile SCORE. I happened into a shop (I don’t make a habit of happening upon shops but I really did just stumble in) on the day before the woman was closing and bought this patiently hand stitched quilt/bed spread. Anyone know anything about the style or have a guess about the age? I love the grey with the blue and brown. $25 dollars! I kind of felt like I was robbing her.


Love the imperfect stitches.

Think I’ll go put on the slippers, wrap up in the blanket and wait for Lost to come on. Talk to me Sawyer!


5 Responses to “Rainy Day Fabric Finds”

  1. megin Says:

    Can you tell I’m on a commenting streak? Your blog creativity beats mine one-thousandfold. I think you’ve upped the ante so I’d better step up.

    Loved seeing the slippers in action and now love knowing the back story. They rock.

  2. Miss Freda Says:

    Didn’t you wear some similar slippers to your prom? Total stranger # 3

  3. oooh, I do love the pillowcase!! There, you made me jealous- happy now?

  4. kindra Says:

    hi there!
    the blue, grey and gold quilt was sold at urban outfitters about 10 years ago. I have one too and think it’s lovely!

  5. paperdollsforboys Says:

    kindra, Ouch. Am I a horrible person if I don’t like it as much now?

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