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My thriftin’ heart March 12, 2008

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I’ve been riding the bench (and loving every minute of it) for quite a while now. This is me stepping onto the field:

I am addicted to thrift stores, rummage sales and reading thrift store blogs. I think of myself less as a thrifter and more as a rescue worker. I feel like we are all urban archeologists, digging through layers of muck to pull out our own personal treasures.

So in the rescue vein, I’ve started Operation Channukiah Rescue. I can’t stand to see these little Channukah menorahs on the shelves of thrift stores so I adopt them and give them a cluttered home. So far I have rescued 2 and am hoping I don’t come across an electric monstrosity because I will have to stand by my mission. We can’t just play with the cute puppies at the pound!


I’m still waiting on the Geek Squad to help me figure out how to make my photos magically jump from my old camera to my new computer. Apparently you have to call them and make an appointment, they don’t just anticipate your needs. I set up my own little light box (light is too strong a word) using a toddler comforter (taken off the sleeping guy) and captured the shot using Photo Booth on my Mac. I’m hoping that won’t become a signature look!

Am I really going to push publish…


4 Responses to “My thriftin’ heart”

  1. Okay here goes HEY TRACEY THIS SITE LOOKS AMAZING! hahaha it really does so much so that i didnt think that it was your site when i first saw it! wait is that a compliment?? hahah love you. Make another blog for the boys with a tougher name okay??!!

  2. Vonda Says:

    You are so crazy!…oh but wait, is something wrong with me because I love your sense of humor? P.S. If you don’t spend more time with me guess what lovely outfit I am going to get you for your birthday?

  3. Vonda Says:

    Hey! I wrote something long and don’t think it worked so here is a test of the emergency broadcast system

  4. Miss Freda Says:

    Hey, awesome, awesome blog. Great writing! I bet your creative writing teacher would be impressed! Loved all the color. Great job. Vonda cannot get you that outfit as I just went on line and ordered it for you!

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