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Craft Room Before and After March 12, 2008

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This little room has a multiple personality disorder. First it was a craft/junk room (really every room in the house could aptly be described as such)
then I organized it and actually had my own craft renaissance. It was brief.


I got that yellow hanging lamp for 4 dollars at a yard sale. I bought it without the cord, because hey – it’s cool, but I left my number in case she came across it. She did, she called and it works! I got the desk off craigslist for 15, it’s solid and huge and my best 4 legged love. The yellow shelves we found in the basement of our old apartment and painted this bright yellow, which is really much more cheery than I ever am.

sewing table

When our second boy was born we turned it into his nursery. We foolishly imagined him sleeping in his crib in this little room, through the night, by himself, without us. We lapsed right back into family bed by default and I think he may have had 1 nap there. And I might be boasting because it’s probably more like 0. He’s a cute little nugget though, a perfect match with his cute big brother.

Here are some photos I found on my Flickr account of the craft room as a nursery:

wall art in nursery

curtain in nursery

nursery dresser top

I still haven’t figured out the photo thing, that’s why these photos are less than current. It’s a good excuse because the crazy little room has come full circle and is now a “throw it in there and SHUT THE DOOR” room. Maybe more before and after photos to come.


2 Responses to “Craft Room Before and After”

  1. Complete Stranger Says:

    Is that curtained window at really your home?

  2. paperdollsforboys Says:

    Yes mom. I made the curtain with sun blocking backing for the nursery and now it’s in the boy’s room. The hoops are from yard sales and have some favorite fabrics in them.

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